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The Missionary Fraternity of Mary’s High School program prepares their boys for entry into college or into the major seminary which allows them to be ordained into the priesthood. Read More

Recently, the Institute of Higher Missionary Studies Paul VI received a welcome $10,000 gift from an anonymous donor from the United States. Read More


The Missionary Fraternity of Mary is an order of Priests within the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to educating and ordaining young men to bring the good news and the sacraments to the marginalized Catholics of the world.  They educate the poor, welcome vocations to religious life to all without regard to ethnic background; prepare youth for lay ministry within the Church, and work with the poor to develop their spiritual and temporal well being.

News from the Fraternity

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter

In answering the call of Jesus, the Missionary Fraternity of Mary has been the hope of many people in need around the world. Since its founding 30 years ago, .... Read More

Summer 2015 Newsletter

The Minor Seminary of the Missionary Fraternity of Mary is well known for providing an excellent academic education to its students. Beginning in 2015, the Minor Seminary is... Read More

Spring 2015 Newsletter

I was born in 1987 in Metapan, Santa Ana, El Salvador, during the civil war. The situation was very dangerous, and as a result, my parents decided to immigrate to Belize in 1988. ... Read More

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Helping the elderly to cross the street may have been the iconic “good turn” for Boy Scouts of a bygone era, but for the modern-day Scouts... Read More

Summer 2014 Newsletter

When Hugo Ramos was nine years old, a priest who used to visit his Guatemalan village asked him one Sunday after Mass if he wanted to become priest... Read More

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Father Jaime Charuc visits Lumen Christi School in Mequon, Wisconsin and shares his experiences during his time of ministry in Kenya Africa... Read More

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